What is this site?
This site is an easy to use location to upload any screenshot and images copied to your clipboard.
How does it work?
Uploading images is performed through a Java Applet that is able to detect images copied to your clipboard or capture screen regions on your monitor. To upload from your clipboard, right-click on the applet box and select "Paste". To capture a screen region, right click on the applet box and select "Capture".
Why can't I register a user?
You don't need to register a user account with us, our site accepts your Google (aka Gmail) login without any fuss. There's no need to register a new user.
How do I login?
Just click login, and enter your Google (Gmail) username and password into Google's login form. You never give us your password.
Why do you need to use Java
Java isn't as bad as many people make out, and used correctly, it is a powerful tool in enabling features that normal web browsers or Flash will never support. In our case, the Java applet is used to interact with your system clipboard and take screen captures from your monitor. These features would not work without Java.
I get a security popup, what now?
Our screen capturing applet requires security permissions. We promise you that nothing malicious is happening and it is a direct conduit from your computer clipboard or screen to this website for uploading screenshots. In general, you should be wary of accepting security requests from a site or name you do not know. But you should trust us :-) For reference, if you'd like to check our code signing signature, the SHA1 fingerprint should be EF:B8:F9:92:AF:78:1D:7E:8E:0F:8B:7B:C5:EF:5A:E5:FA:03:F3:FC, you can view it when you are prompted to accept the permissions, or check it from the Java control panel applet under security and certificate details.
The applet is giving me an error?
The applet requires a Sun-compatible Java version 1.6.0_10 or newer, Java runtimes such as gcj or Harmony may not work correctly. MacOS X 10.5 users have a compatible version of Java, but it is not enabled as default. You can change the default version of Java to use on OS X in Applications -> Utilities -> Java Preferences. OS X 10.6 has a working 1.6 set as the default already. Linux users will need to manually install a Java plugin and compatible Java runtime.
Why should I login?
There are many positive reasons for logging in. When you login, your captured images are not displayed on the home page for everyone to see. You are also not subject to having your images automatically removed when there are more than 500 anonymous images uploaded. Your account is granted storage for 100 images with older images automatically removed when you go over your limit. Being logged in also gives you the ability to remove your images. Anonymous users cannot change their images.
What do you do with my images?
Nothing! Your images are your property. By uploading your images, you give us the right to display the image to anyone that is able to access this site and knows the correct URL. We will not use your images for any other purpose.